They have come with flames and fury to bring the earth to her knees.

Digital Art

On a bright day with an orange sky, along a distant mountain trail somewhere near the edge of the world, I saw billowing clouds of red and black rising from beyond the horizon. Even from the top of the mountain, where I stood kissing the sky, the air turned hot, and the taste gradually changed from salt and spring to char and ash. My eyes watered as they focused through the sting of smoke and discovered a silver floating disc dropping down from the heavens and spitting beams of red death down into the earth. One by one, a fresh army of quick-moving saucers cut through the thick miasma of smoke and began reigning down the same burning terror as their predecessors.

I had nothing to do but watch as humanity's end came swiftly down in ships of spinning silver, glowing with a reflection of red from the cities burning below.

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