Welcome Earthlings

Digital Self Portrait

Welcome Earthlings, we apologize for the bumpy trip; with mass awakening comes massive obstacles, just as all rebirth first requires death.

Please sit back, open your mind and silence your chatter for this important message.

Here you will find the many faces I hold - self-portraits of all that reside within me. Humanoid beings that lurk in the darkest recesses of my imagination, awaiting their creation.

This blog is my journey and my journal. Inspired by obscurity, the agony of change, and the courage of existing colorfully.

I want to take you on a surreal trip across new dimensions beyond time and show you the shadows that live deep beneath the meat and sinew.

The art you will find here is a mirror—my perception of a universe beyond the prison of flesh we call mind and body. The words I ink across these pages are a gospel of liberation from realism and sensibility.

Join me, won't you?

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